Materia: An open-access, peer-reviewed journal
Materia: Journal of Technical Art History is an online, open-access platform devoted to the technical study of art objects. Bringing together the disciplines of conservation, conservation science, art history, and related fields, Materia is among the first peer-reviewed publications dedicated solely to this steadily growing field of interdisciplinary research.
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Materia: Journal of Technical Art History
Materia is co-edited by a group of conservators and art historians based in Europe and North America, and is supported by a specialist international advisory board consisting of academics, conservators and museum curators. The core members of our team are colleagues of long standing, having either studied or worked together within the fields of conservation and technical art history.

While our careers have taken us to different parts of the world, we were collectively frustrated by the unprecedented lack of access to research materials as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Widespread library and university campus closures meant restricted access to non-digitized and non-open source publications, making it difficult for many to pursue any kind of detailed study outside of academic spheres.

Embracing the need for accessibility and flexibility
Through its digital format as well as dedication to free readership and no submission fees, Materia hopes to address the increased need for accessibility and flexibility when it comes to the ways in which we consult our research material. The digital format will allow Materia to better showcase technical studies and discussions of digital art and cultural heritage, such as audio, video, and web-based mediums. The journal has been founded with the goal of bringing together scholars of varying backgrounds, while also seeking the widest possible engagement with our readership.
Our Mission
Why Materia Matters
Materia: Journal of Technical Art History is a digital, open-access peer-reviewed journal for the technical study of art objects. We hope to cater to a broad readership, ranging from conservation specialists, academic and museum professionals, or anyone interested in the materiality of artworks. Among our contributors we count practicing conservators and conservation scientists, as well as art historians and researchers within the fields of material culture, archaeology and social anthropology. Acting as a scholarly forum for the bridging of these diverse yet interrelated disciplines, Materia aims to highlight the benefits and value of examining our cultural heritage through a material lens.
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Editorial Team
Anita Dey, Yale Center for British Art (New Haven, CT)
Anouk Jonker, Queen's University (Kingston, ON)
Bianca Garcia, Balboa Art Conservation Center (San Diego, CA)
Courtney Books, St. Louis Art Museum (St. Louis, MO)
Cynthia Prieur, Queen’s University (Kingston, ON)
Emma Jansson, Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden)
Julie Ribits, Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
LaStarsha McGarity, National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.)
Lucia Bay, Williamstown Art Conservation Center (Williamstown, MA)
Morgan Wylder, Balboa Art Conservation Center (San Diego, CA)
Roxane Sperber, Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields (Indianapolis, IN)
Sophie Lamb, National Galleries of Scotland  (Edinburgh, UK)
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