Our Mission
Why Materia Matters
Materia: Journal of Technical Art History is a digital, open-access peer-reviewed journal for the technical study of art objects. We hope to cater to a broad readership, ranging from conservation specialists, academic and museum professionals, or anyone interested in the materiality of artworks. Among our contributors we count practicing conservators and conservation scientists, as well as art historians and researchers within the fields of material culture, archaeology and social anthropology. Acting as a scholarly forum for the bridging of these diverse yet interrelated disciplines, Materia aims to highlight the benefits and value of examining our cultural heritage through a material lens.

Through its focus on object-based study, Materia presents interdisciplinary content, spanning from technical case studies and discussion pieces to feature-length articles with an added emphasis on art historical contextualization and new theoretical frameworks. In addition, Materia hopes to provide a much-needed platform for the primary research undertaken by students and emerging professionals within the fields of conservation and technical art history. Materia aims to act as a publication outlet for researchers at all career stages, while also offering an opportunity for students to learn and partake in the process of peer-review by assessing each other’s work.

In line with current sustainable and eco-driven incentives, Materia is a completely online-based and open-access resource, which will also encourage greater exchange and accessibility on an international global scale. Through this focus on accessibility, we hope to provide a timely and valuable contribution to the burgeoning field of technical art history.